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November 18, 2017

Emily, Doug, + Rossi’s Middlesex Fells Dog Session | Boston Dog Photographer

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I have to say that this job keeps getting harder and harder. With every dog I photograph, I want to take it home with me!!! My heart breaks a little every time a session ends because it’s always so hard to leave these puppies! I become attached so quickly and I’ll admit, I become a little bit obsessed with them! Rossi was so freaking cute and I’ve decided that I definitely need a Rossi in my life. As soon as I’m full-time photography next year, the first thing that needs to happen is getting a puppy!

I had so much fun with Emily, Doug, and their adorable Fox Red Lab, Rossi, at their portrait session a few weeks ago! We went to the Middlesex Fells, one of my favorite spots for photography in the fall. The Fells is so big and there’s tons of trails to explore! The foliage is always so gorgeous and it’s never crowded, which is nice when you’re trying to photograph a puppy! A few weeks ago, I found a spot I really like that goes straight to the water, so that’s where we decided to go to capture Rossi while he was still in his puppy stage. We let Rossi run around, grab sticks, and did everything in our power not to let him go swimming before all of his portraits were done! Puppies literally make my heart melt and every time Rossi’s tongue fell out of the side of his mouth, I was dying. He’s such a cutie and I love the images we captured of him! Emily and Doug, you two are so sweet and I am so excited to share all of my favorite images of the three of you! And I will definitely be getting a Rossi in the near future!

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