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September 27, 2018

Arnold Arboretum Dog Session | Suki the Shih Tzu Boston Dog Photographer

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I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cuter Shih Tzu in my life! Suki was the most adorable little thing and I loved just chasing her around the Arnold Arboretum during her whole portrait session! She was so spunky and so fearless running around during her session – she almost flew right off the ledge where we were taking pictures! Some of my favorite shots from the shoot are her action shots! I had to lay on the ground to get on her level, but it was so worth it to capture her little feet moving so fast! Suki was only 10 weeks old during this session and she was so little that we almost lost her in the grass!

Suki’s parents, Taylor and Greg, brought some of the cutest accessories for Suki. She was rocking the most adorable, and potentially smallest scarf ever made by my friend Christina of Tails ‘N Sails! Suki also had a gorgeous floral crown from Poppy Floral Design! And Taylor and Greg even brought the cutest basket to put Suki in, which Suki loved chewing on! I had so much fun during this session and definitely wanted to leave with Suki in my pocket. 

Puppies are so much fun to photograph and even though they can be really challenging since they’re not quite treat-motivated yet, the images you can capture of puppies are just too much! Check out this litter of lab puppies I photographed this past winter – I promise your heart is going to melt! I definitely need to photograph more puppies in my life, so if you or someone you know just recently got a puppy, don’t hesitate to reach out! It is so important to photograph them at this stage because they grow up so quickly!! Unless your dog is a Suki and they stay that size pretty much forever! 🙂

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