The best Pups in all of Boston

Meet the LDP Dog PAck

Athena, the Sheepadoodle

Louie, the Black Lab

Mr. Puddles, the Pekingese 

Champ, the Silver Lab

Swizly, the Swiss Mountain Dog

Stonewall Manor Cobberdogs Breeder

Gill, the Golden Retriever

Zinny, the Goldendoodle

Cuba, the Havapoo

Moose, the Australian Shepherd

Lucy, the Bassett Hound

Mason, the Frenchton

Twyla, the Long-haired Dachshund

Millie, the Golden Retriever

Yankee, the Chocolate Lab

Hank & Norman, the Chocolate Lab and Schnauzer Mix 

Lacey, the Morkie

Ginger, the Cavapoo

Panda, the French Bulldog

Maddie, the German Shepard/Australian Cattle Mix

Charlie, the Mini Goldendoodle

Scout, Lexie, & Bosco, the Mix Breeds

Dublin, the Lab

Louie & Mel, the Black Lab and Pit Mix

Lulu, the Yorkie

Parker, Beau, & Bosley, the Lab Squad

Lily, the Rescue Pup

Monty, the American Staffordshire Terrier, Lab, Chow Mix

Penny, the French Bulldog

Tahoe, the Golden Retriever

Hunter, the Pit/ Coon/Fox Hound Mix

Reece, the Brittany Spaniel Beagle mix

Jonas, the Rescue Pup

Lenny + Sonny, the 

Blossom & Smoochie, the English Bulldogs

Serena, the Mini Goldendoodle

Ollie, the Fox Red Lab

Langley, the Beagle/Lab mix

Lukey, the French Bulldog

Cisco, the Chocolate Lab

Olivia, the Miniature Dachshund

Sully & Finn, the Frenchies

Suki, the Shih Tzu

Sadie, the Black Lab/Border Collie Mix

Callie, the Coonhound and Boarder Collie Mix

Jameson, the American Bulldog/Pointer Mix 

Tank, Tonka, & Jamie, the Rescue Pups

Dempsey, Jameson, & Beau, the Black Labs

Stella, the Mini Goldendoodle

Duke the Great Pyrenees and Australian Cattle Dog Mix & Brynlee the Border Collie/Beagle/Lab Mix

The Labs Life Puppies

Luna, the Black Lab Puppy

Bunker, the Chocolate Lab

Goose, the Yellow Lab

Maggie, the Black Lab

Poppy, the Australian Labradoodle

Archie, the Havanese

Remy, the Husky/Shepherd Mix

Toby, the Goldendoodle

Audrey, the Chow Mix

Lexi, the Miniature Australian Labradoodle

Baker, the Brown Goldendoodle

Piper, the Black Lab

Philly, the Yellow Lab

Queen, the Black Lab

Dixie, the Goldendoodle

Sybil, the Black Lab

Theo, the Cocker Spaniel Mix

Charley, the Cavapoo

Lily, the Yellow Lab

Oakley & Mason, the English Black Lab and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog 

Boogie, the Sheepadoodle

the Dachshund

Sandy, the Golden Retriever

Louie, the Boston Terrier

Bruno, the Lab Mix

Lemon, the Yellow Lab

Doyle & Stella, the Brindle Super Mutts

Penny, the Retriever Mix Supermutt 

Beans & Dozer, the Bull Terrier and Pitbull 

Barney & Clyde, the Mastiff Mix and Goldendoodle 

The Pitbull Crew

Nala, the Pitbull

Zoe, the Black Lab

Molly & Roxy, the Chihuahua and Terrier Mix

Copley, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Shyla, the Boston Terrier 

Mochi & Kiwi, the Golden Retrievers

Ella, the Chocolate Lab

the Boxer Mix

Ollie the Bichon/Cocker Spaniel Mix & Ziggy the Chow/Shepherd Mix

Rosie, the Rescue Pup

Rossi, the Fox Red Labrador Puppy

Forty, the English Bulldog

Roxy, the Frenchie

Brody & Walter, the Jack Russell Terrier Mix and the Cat

Inka, the German Shepherd

Hooch, the Pooch

Pierre & Smitty, the Frenchie and Manchester Terrier

Bunker, the Golden Retriever Puppy

Sammy & Slater, the Labs 

Oliver, the Frenchie

Chanel, the Yellow Lab

Shay & Bear, the Rescue Pups

Madakeet & Markley, the German Shepherd and Mushy Mastiff Mix

Brinkley, the Goldendoodle

Eleanor, the Goldendoodle

Dakota, the Lab Mix

Newt, the Terrier Mix 

Dexter, the Frenchie Puppy

Tank, the Wire Haired Dachschund

Lila, the Pitbull

Lucy, the Bernese Mountain Dog

the Mountain Curr Mix

Rosie, the Wheaton Terrier

Lola, the English Bulldog

Ollie, the Golden Retriever

Rajah, the Pitbull

Baxter, the Rescue Pup

Brady & Sammy, the Yorkipoo Brothers

Oscar, the Frenchie

Penny, the Rescue Pup

Mojo, the Chihuahua

the Yellow Lab

the Goldendoodle

Stella, Luna, & Fenway, the Black Labs

Malcolm the Pitbull Mix & Chloe the Boxer

Lola, Layla, & Marshall, the Dachshund, American Pitbull Terrier, and Bull Terrier Pitbull

the Poochon

Shepherd/Boxer Mix

the Black Lab

the Samoyed

the Chocolate Lab

the Terrier 

the Golden Retriever

the Pitbull

the Rescue Pup

the Pitbull Mix

the Chihuahua Mix

the German Shepherd

the Corgi

Chorizo & Frankie, the Dachshunds

the Chocolate Lab

the Rescue Terrier

the Frenchie

the Terrier/Yellow Lab Rescue Pup

Kaia & Tucker, 
the Husky Puppies

Lucy the Pomeranian & Logan the Rough Collie 

the Jack-Chi

the Pug

Moose & Teddy, the Chocolate Labs

"Steezy Beezy" Beatrice, the Springer Spaniel

the Catahoula

the Yorkie

the Shih Tzu

Rondo & Penny, the Silkeses

Boomer & Brinkley, the Frenchies

the Labrador

the Frenchie

the Goldendoodle

the Frenchie

Cocoa Bean,
the Frenchie

"Welly" Wellington, the Pug

"BC" Bonecrusher
the Shihpoo

the Cockapoo 

Knox the Labrador/Golden Retriever, Bear the Lab/Border Collie, & Harper the Mutt

the Goberian

the Bernese Mountain Dog

the Goldendoodle

the Springer Spaniel

the English Bulldog

Rudy the Field Spaniel & Cha Cha, the Chihuahua Pug Mix

the Dachshund

the Chesapeake Bay Retriever 

the Shihpoo

 the Lhasa Apso

Introducing all the members of the LDP Dog Pack! Every dog I've ever photographed since 2015 is included in this group! Click on any pup's pictures to view their blog post. For all past, present, and future LDP Dog Pack members, click here to join the private LDP Dog Pack Facebook group for access to special sessions, discounts, and meet-ups that are exclusive to members of the LDP Dog Pack!

The pack

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