Yay!! If you’re viewing this, it’s because you’ve just received the final gallery of images from your photoshoot! I want to share with you a few quick steps on how to turn your gallery into an app on your phone. This way you can access your images much more easily, and therefore, show them off to your friends and family with one click! Follow these 5 steps to make your gallery of beautiful photos into a personalized app on your phone! 🙂

  1. Log into your Pixieset Gallery on your phone. Enter your personal email address and your gallery specific password. 


        2. Click the square with the arrow pointing up. This will show a bunch of options and you’ll want to scroll the bottom row to the right until you see the option “Add to Home Screen”. 


       3. Click “Add to Home Screen”!


       4. You can change the name of your app. The title you choose will be displayed under the app on your phone! When you’re done, click Add!


       5. And Viola!! Your gallery is now an app on your phone so you can show off all your new pictures to friends and family, you can download images straight to your phone whenever you want to, and you can even buy prints on the go with the shopping cart available on each image! Also, here’s a little sneak peek of what the background of my phone looks like 🙂 My favorite person and sometimes second shooter, Paul of Paul Rutherford Photography

**Bonus Info! Every time you click on your app, Pixieset asks you to re-enter your email address and password, BUT you can have your phone save this information for you so that you never have to manually type in your info after the first time! 

  1. After you type in your email & password, click enter and then you will be prompted by your phone to decide if you’d like to save your account and password settings. Click “Save Password” if you’d like your phone to remember your information.


2. Next time you access your gallery, the bottom of your screen will give you the option of choosing a previously used email address and then it will auto-populate the email and corresponding password you saved for your gallery. Now all you have to do is click enter and you’re back into your gallery!


How to Make Your LDP Photo Gallery into an App! | Boston Wedding & Dog Photographer


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