I am SO SO excited to finally announce the beginning of my brand new blog series, “That’s So Fetch!”. It has been a dream of mine for a long time to find a way to connect with other local small businesses in the dog world in Boston and I couldn’t be more excited to kick off the series with my first ever friend in the dog world, Erin, of Curly Tail Ties! It has been such an exciting journey getting to know people in the Boston dog world and I am beyond grateful to so many different people who have taken a chance on me and helped support my business from the very beginning. Erin is such a sweetheart and it all started when I reached out to her at the very beginning of my business over a year ago asking to photograph her beautiful bow ties. I never could’ve imagined the friendship that would blossom from that initial email I sent to her Etsy account. Erin’s bow ties are beautiful, unique, sturdy, basically all the adjectives you want in a bow tie. Definitely check her out if you haven’t before! All friends who are interested in purchasing a Curly Tail Ties bow tie, use the code LAURENDOBISH to receive free shipping on any order! (Never thought my name would be a discount code – how cool!?! #lifegoals right there!) Without further adieu, here’s my interview with Erin the founder of Curly Tail Ties!

Tell us a little bit about Curly Tail Ties?

Curly Tail Ties is a dog bowtie company, HOWEVER, we also make ties for humans, cats, and any other animal requested. We pride ourselves in picking patterns that are unique and on trend with the seasons forecast. Being a buyer for a Children’s shop (The Red Wagon) allows me to see what will be in a year in advance and really plan out the themes for each launch. We also will be expanding into some custom human fashions in the next few months!

How did you get started making bow ties for dogs?

It all started with Wellington’s, Twitter account, @woofwellington, where we would dress him up in bow ties as his signature look for pictures. The ties we found in stores were plain and usually just one or two colors. This led to the realization that there are not enough stylish preppy patterns out there for the dog who wants to sport that bow tie for any occasion. Once we started making the ties and putting them on his twitter account, people started asking where we bought them, and VIAOLA!! CTT was created!

How did you learn how to sew?

I went to school for Fashion Design and all I learned was how to sew a doggie bowtie…(Just kidding), after two years and an associate’s degree later of pattern making and clothing construction, I realized I wasn’t good enough at math to ever make it a career and decided to switch gears towards merchandising and management. Now instead of making bow ties as a career, I do it as a fun side job and it’s much more enjoyable – plus, there are NO fractions in bowtie making!

What was your inspiration for the name Curly Tail Ties?

Wellington’s super cute curly tail! I wanted something that would roll off the tongue nicely and an easy to read name was very important from a business standpoint.

Tell us about your CEO Wellington!

Wellington is a handful at 9.5 years old. He still acts like a puppy (see permanent marker stains all over my floor from the sharpie he chewed last night). As playful as he is, he is just as much a love bug. Welly will sit and cuddle with you for hours on end, especially if it’s raining or snowing or cloudy outside. He knows just when to make us laugh with his silly pug antics, and most of all, he lets me try every bowtie on him and sits nicely as he waits for his treats!

 How cute is Welly?!? Especially with his custom name bow tie?!

Are your bow ties just for dogs?

Nope! Our bow ties are for humans, cats, cows, pigs, or whoever! I make them small enough to wear on my wrist as a bracelet or in my hair as a bow (because I am destined to be a southern belle who just happened to be born a Yankee). If you follow us on Twitter or Insta you might see Curly Tail Ties’ nephews rocking their bowties to preschool and Kindergarten almost daily. I can’t keep up with their demands! We are always happy to customize sizes for any customer – free of charge. (plus, they also look really cute as baby girl headbands)!

Are there different ways to customize your bow ties?

Absolutely! Just ask! We have all different kinds of fabric and are even rolling out brand new custom named bowties! We just started taking orders for personalized name bow ties, so definitely let us know what your pup’s name is and we can create their perfect bowtie! We also can adjust size to perfectly fit your dog’s neck. When you order, just need send us a note saying the tie needs to be a larger/smaller neck or bow size OR if you prefer a Velcro attachment for a collar, we can do that too! We also make ties for all occasions – Fourth of July, Christmas, the Patriots – you name it! Basically, your wish is our command. 🙂


Are you going to be at any upcoming events?

Our next event will be #PugsTakeChicago May 6-7th, where we will be selling a one-of-a-kind Chicago themed tie at the large party/raffle. We are benefiting NIPRA and MOPS Pug Rescue where 100% of proceeds we make will go right to these rescues. (for more information check out @violetpug or @Hamiltonpug or our twitter/instagram) We will also be at the Pug Rescue of New England 5K race on June 3rd selling ties!

Thanks, Erin! Here are some of my favorite images from dog sessions where pups were wearing a Curly Tail Ties Bow Tie! Don’t forget to use coupon code LAURENDOBISH for free shipping on your order!! Check out the rest of these images to see how good your pup could look in a CTT bow tie!

Two pugs are always better than one!

How cute is Stealie from our Fall Elopement styled shoot this past fall?!

My favorite Chocolate Labs Moose and Teddy! They were the winners of CTT and I’s Fourth of July giveaway!

Kaia and Tucker, the two husky puppies! <3  It’s almost Red Sox season! Get your pup a bow tie now!!        

Erin, I think you’re the best! I’m so happy that photography has found a way to bring us together! It’s be so much fun getting to know you over the past year and I’m forever grateful for all of the ways you’ve supported my business and not to mention, entertain all of my crazy ideas for collaborations! I can’t wait to continue to support your business and find ways to continue to work together! Seriously, if you ever need a bow tie – Erin is your girl!! Here’s where you can find her online!

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CurlyTailTies




Email: curlytailties@gmail.com

If you’re interested in being featured in the “That’s So Fetch!” Series, feel free to email lauren@laurendobishphotography.com! I’m always looking for new dog vendors in Boston to collaborate with! It’s so much fun being a part of this community and I love finding new opportunities to collaborate with people who are passionate about their business! Looking forward to hearing from you!


March 16, 2017

Curly Tail Ties | That’s So Fetch! Boston Dog Photographer

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